Wave Cosmodynamics
Independent researcher.                       
Working often as a private teacher of mathematics and physics. Also, a professional programmer, author and IT educator.
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Through this simple organized site I intend to represent some of my researches and findings in the areas of linear vector gravity (gravitomagnetism, i.e. gravitodynamics), mass exp G-potential dependency(exponential gravitation), hi-factor (more fundamental than Lorentz's gamma), nonlinear wave gravity-space, model of gravitonium as well as in geometry of polar curves (hyperspiral, thurals and inpolars).

My insights seem to lead to the conclusion that most of the contemporary physics (the natural science in general) is in some way "planar" or better say, Ptolemaic by its nature. So, I invite You to the next page of this review, where you can find direct links to both published and unpublished papers of mine (also to some preferred papers of the others).


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D. N. Turanjanin
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